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Other Wurldly Discworld Fan-Fiction

Ashlar always dreamed of traveling the world, but there was a problem. He was a gargoyle, and one ton's worth of masonry decoration tends not to travel far.

A new cast of characters enters the Discworld universe, joined by a few familiar faces in a familiar place. Follow the gargoyle Ashlar and his friends as they take a journey that's out of this world. They travel to the moon is what I'm trying to say.

I decided to stop working on this after I found about about the story "The Last Hero", which completely destroys everything this story is based on. Oh well, its still a good read.

Mildred Clarance: On Writing Novel

New York City is a mecca for writers, both failures and success stories. But very few can claim to be both, let alone come second for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction. Mildred Clarance is one of those lucky few.

After being hailed as the first great classic literature writer in the 21st century, he involuntarily decided to write two bad novels. He quit his teaching job. He even quit his position at The New York Times. Actually, he was fired, but he likes to think he quit of his own free will.

But with the aid of a hipster/borderline stalker, and against the wishes of his former friend and critic, Mildred will attempt his comeback as the greatest writer of our time. No, actually he's seeking revenge by ruining classic works of literature. But I'm sure he'll come around to see the error of his ways. Maybe.

Shell Shock Short Story

The deep booming sounds of mortar rounds go off all around us, but I’m too damn tired to be scared anymore. In a way, I’m almost hoping one does kill me, just to end it all for me at least. That’s me, the eternal optimist.

The Human Condition Short Story

Mother Russia has been torn apart by the fires of nuclear war with America. A cold war turned hot by a missile crisis over ten thousand kilometers away. The year is now 2500, or so we believe. Life is getting better, the cure for zombism has been passed around, we're close to a water purifier, even the bandits and raiders are starting to dissolve into our makeshift towns. But someone, or something, is starting to kill our people, and it could be the end of us if we don't do something soon.

Video Games

War Trash Fallout New Vegas Mod

War Trash, an old mercenary group composed of the thrown out old warriors from across the Mojave, has a new leader: Zombie. Under this new regime, War Trash has targeted the NCR with terrorist attacks. Special Agent Graham Edmond has reason to believe this is only the beginning of a new threat to the NCR. He contacts the player and gives the Courier a top secret mission to go undercover in the rouge group and figure out what’s going on before a major War Trash attack cripples the military.


The Frontier Fallout New Vegas Mod

The Frontier is a massive, DLC sized mod for Fallout New Vegas. Dare I say the swan song for the game with Fallout 4 right around the corner? I'm Senior Writer on the mod, and I'm also leading the development of four side quests. Look out for this one sometime later this year, or the start of next year.

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