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The New Youtube Push - Version 2.0

Posted by Josh Griffiths on March 3, 2015 at 12:55 AM


It’s been about seven months since I started making Youtube videos on a semi-regular basis. In that amount of time, I had little success, but I learned a lot. I launched with three series, Free Indie Games, Misc Wednesday, and The Write Lane. The former failed miserably, as I vastly underestimated the amount of work it would require, not to mention I felt phony for making instructional videos on how to write when I could barely do it myself.


Learning gives you the ability to make changes, and I’m happy to announce some changes with my Youtube schedule, and what I’ll be doing.


Free Indie Games had a damn good run, and I’m proud of what I did in 13 videos. However, the series is coming to an end. In its place, I’m working on a similar series for, a site I started writing for. It’ll focus on free indie games as well, but it’ll be more in depth with a greater focus on the mechanics of games, and why they’re good or bad. I might even have a co-host! However, those videos will be going up on the Gamersyndrome Youtube page, along with another series I can’t talk about yet.


Misc. Wednesday is staying put as well, thought with a different day and name. It will now be Mundaye Starter, a combination of Mundane and Monday if you were wondering. This series will likely be every other week from now on, as I have a lot on my plate. It will still be about whatever I want it to be however. I don’t believe in having a channel that only does one thing, I want to cover a lot of different topics.


I have a new series as well, called Alistair Newton’s Fallen London. It’s a let’s play series in which I play Fallen London, centered on Alistair Newton, London’s Greatest Detective. That’s not actually the case, he’s a rookie detective who is incredibly flamboyant and has a grating personality, but he means well. Mostly. This series is actually twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday.


One of my biggest successes was the first season of Forgotten History. I’ve been working on a second season for a few months now, and I’m finally ready to start posting episodes March 11th. This season will have 7 episodes, two more from the previous, and will feature a less stiff narration from yours truly. You can expect an episode every Wednesday for seven weeks, then I have another mystery project lined up that I’m really excited about.


Besides the videos, I’ve completely overhauled my Youtube channel. I added an ‘About Me’ section, a new banner and thumbnail, updated the homepage, and made a weird channel trailer. You can see it here on my ‘Videos’ tab.


So yeah, I’m pretty excited about the direction of the channel. I’m up to 47 subscribers somehow. Apparently even Failbetter Games is subscribed to my channel, so that’s surprising! I wonder if they’ll like my Fallen London LP series, its not entirely positive.


Oh yeah, my policy on not saying “be sure to like and subscribe” every five minutes remains.

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