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Announcing War Trash 2

Posted by Josh Griffiths on October 16, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Nine months after the events of War Trash 1, DAI Agent Graham Edmond is hot on the trail of a slaver known as Hale. Psychotically secretive, few people know of his existence. However, his hands pull the strings on the largest sex trade in the Mojave and beyond.


Joining Edmond and Courier Six on the hunt for Hale is Brooklyn, who only just managed to escape the NCR at the Mojave Bridge. Now running her own mercenary business, she’s burning for revenge and a chance at justice. But will their experiences after the War Trash incident be enough to prepare them for the horrors of the slave trade? Find out in Dragon Ba— War Trash 2.


You can find the trailer under the "VIDEOS" tab.


War Trash 2: Do We Not Bleed features over 1,000 fully voiced lines from 14 different actors. It spans six quests, and should take somewhere around 3 hours to complete.


I can’t believe it’s taken nine months to make this mod. I could have had a real baby in the amount of time. I guess on the bright side mods don’t crap themselves... no, that’s a fairly regular occurrence actually. Nevermind. I’m still putting in the last of the voice acting and I have a few bugs and compatibility issues to fix, but everything looks set for a release at the end of the month.


I’d like to get daily updates going on the Nexus thread from now until release. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try to be more active on the forums more often.

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