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Other Wurldly Published - Sort Of

Posted by Josh Griffiths on June 23, 2014 at 4:20 PM

A few months ago I was working on my own fanfiction, minus everything that comes with fanfiction of course.

I was, as a fan, going to write a "serious" story involving the Discworld universe. I wanted it to be well written, well thought out, funny, and above all pay respect to the established world. No random sex scenes between Vimes and Lord Vetinari or anything like that.

To do this, I came up with a completely original story and an original cast of characters. I set it in Ankh-Morpork becuase that's the law, and I even sparingly threw in a few established characters. While I was writing it, I truly felt like it could belong in the Discworld universe, and that I was doing a good job.

Then I found out about a story called "The Last Hero" halfway through writing. The Last Hero is a short story, a novella one might say. I didn't know about it when I started writing Other Wurldly, the name of my story.

Unfortunately, The Last Hero contains several scenes that completely destroy the carefully crafted story I set out to write.

Other Wurdly was about the Discworld moon, the travel to get there, and the character's journey to be the first there (whether they wanted to be or not). Anyone who is a fan of Terry Pratchett knows he likes to saterize or paroday real life events. In Other Wurdly, that pardoy was of the Space Race between the US and the Soviet Union. Ankh-Morpork was racing to get the moon before their rival Klatch.

But The Last Hero goes into great detail about the Discworld moon, everything from Moon Flowers to Moon Dragons, and how Carrot and others were the first to land there, and talking about their adventures. I wanted to keep writing OW, but I just couldn't justify it after hearing about The Last Hero. Everything was in ruins, and I lost all motivation.

But over the last few days I've recently rediscovered the piece, and I am still quite proud of it. It needs a lot of edting which it'll never get, and of course I only got halfway through it. But I still think its a good read, and I want to tell myself that all that work wasn't entirely in vain. So I've posted the half finished novel to, barely edited and incomplete. Wil it fail like Mildred Clarance or will it take off like War Trash? Only time will tell.

Yeah, its gonna bomb. That fact of course not being helped by the fact that I can't insert a link in this blog for some reason. Typical. Well if you want to read it, its listed under the "My Works" tab. Its the first option under "Writing", you can't miss it. Unless you want to, then I wouldn't blame you.

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